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Windy walk and run (not for me, for the dogs)!!

As promised we took the dogs for a run on the South Downs, it was lovely although a bit blowy! The dogs had a wonderful time running in the grass, and collecting lots of grass seeds for us to pick out when we got home.

Views like this are very inspiring for my art. I have done a few local landscapes, maybe I will get back to that when I have a bit of time.

So today, I am going to enter some work in a competition on the UK coloured pencil society site. I can't enter anything that has been drawn from someone else's photo so I an restricted as to which pieces to enter. Tomorrow I will show you my entries and fingers crossed for winning something!

When i have done the competition entries I will be starting my next commission, a rabbit , which i am really looking forward to doing. I will keep you all updated!!

Watch this space :)

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