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Who loves paperwork? Not me!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't written for a while, I've been busy sorting things! I now have an embossing stamp to use on my certificates of authenticity which I will send with my drawings that are purchased. I spent a while designing that and doing my certificates.

Today, I came into the cabin thinking I will just do a bit of paperwork and then get on with a drawing that i have in mind for a competition I want to enter. The trouble is that now, at 4 30 pm, I have just completed all the paperwork! To think that I could have gone to IKEA instead! Good job I didn't as i would have spent any money I have earned this month.

I wonder what your favourite thing is to do on a Sunday? Before lock-down we used to go out pretty much every day when we weren't working. We would take the dogs for a long walk or go to the pub, or both. The countryside where I live is beautiful and I love the rolling South Downs. However, I'm not a big fan of the hills so I like a nice flat walk.

So having completed my invoices, I think we will now venture out for a dog walk and maybe a drink in a pub if we can find one open with some space!

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