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My first blog

Welcome to my first ever blog!

I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. My background and where I came from, art wise!

The pictures are a couple of paintings I did when I was at school. I always loved art and spent my summer holidays drawing animals. I pursued this further when I left school and went to art college. First in Worthing, for a pre-degree course for a year and then to Bristol to complete a degree in graphic design.

The problem was, what could I do next? How could I pursue my art? How does one function at the age of 23 when you need a regular income? Also, when everyone around you tells you that art isn't a proper career and you need to make enough money to pay a mortgage.

Well I'm afraid I failed at the first hurdle and got myself a regular job. Nothing to do with art, just admin. I still painted and drew in my spare time and had a stint at doing craft fairs etc. I then drifted into having children and that was it! 5 kids to bring up! No chance of doing my art! I'm sure many artists have a similar story.

But, circumstances have changed for me and I now find it possible to follow my dream. Helped by my friends below! Follow me and join the community on my website. I will be blogging regularly and uploading some videos etc. Lovely to have you read my blog!

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