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Mia, the blue dog.


Well it's is very hot here in the cabin today, the thermometer says 29 degrees. I have been drawing though, practice makes perfect. I decided to do a drawing of my own dog, Mia. She is very lazy and spends every day in the cabin with me, sitting on the sofa. So that is how I am drawing her lying on the sofa in her usual pose.

She often looks quite blue in photos, in fact when we got her we realised that her skin was blue under all her fur. So, I decided I would draw her with all the colours I see in the photo. It is always good to put a blue base down with black because it gives it more depth. I'm quite enjoying it really. I've had the light on though which makes it even hotter.

I have recently been recording on a go pro some of my work. Keep your eyes peeled you might even see some you tube clips if I get the chance to set it up.

Hope you all aren't too hot.

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