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Having a short holiday at my dad's in North Devon. He's been on his own since March!

Still doing some drawing in between beach visits. Think we might have had the best of the weather now though. But who cares! I am still doing my drawing, lots to do but still need commission work so please pass the word around.

At the moment I am doing a couple of different selfies for a competition so, as I didn't want to just draw a realistic self portrait, I thought I would use lots of colour. I'm certainly having fun drawing them.

I would like to know from you wonderful people, who are such stalwarts in supporting me, what you would like to see me do more of? What do you like best of my work? Is it the commissioned work, the portraits, the landscapes or the wildlife? It would really help me to know where my focus should be. I appreciate any help offered. 😊

It's been busy here as all the family are around but hopefully I will be able to blog more this next week. All the best. Enjoy the holidays!

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