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Hare today gone tomorrow

Well here is what we call a WIP, a work in progress. I have always wanted to draw a hare. They are so expressive, but I have rarely, if ever seen one in the countryside. Loads of rabbits but never hares.

I found a wonderful photographer, Sue Cross who had some lovely pictures to draw from. So here we go! I love their beautiful golden eyes.

When I start a drawing I firstly draw it out using a pencil, very lightly. Then I start to fill in the lighter areas. I put down a few layers using very light pressure. This means that you can build the layers up, one on top of the other. The darker colours will easily layer on top of the lower paler colours. Once you have these layers you can use a knife to scratch the top layers off, revealing the light colours below. This is good for details such as whiskers. You have to make sure you use really light pressure though. This is where I struggle. I will show you the finished piece tomorrow.

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