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Finn the little fox cub

So I have just completed this drawing of an amazing little fox cub. From a photo by Daniel Hauck photography. Here's a link to his photo page He said that he went out one evening and these beautiful fox cubs came out to play. He didn't have his camera so he went back to get it but when he got back they were gone! He waited there for an hour and they eventually came back and played there for ages. He took some lovely photos so I might be tempted to do another one to make a pair. What do you think? With his permission of course.

I am loving drawing the wildlife (it's much easier than trying to photograph them myself). Which of my wildlife drawings do you like best, it would be great to get some feedback. Just a short one today as i have to get lunch and go out. More on Monday.

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Carole Coombs
Carole Coombs
18 de jul. de 2020

Thank you. I'm enjoying it! Just need to sell some or I'll have to get a job!


Membro desconhecido
01 de jan. de 1970

He's gorgeous! I am amazed how you get to make the fur so real looking. I can draw, but I don't have the patience to sit down and work on something that must take hours! You are hugely talented. Xxx

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