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Catch up

Hi all,

I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a while. I have been very busy, but no excuse.

Yesterday I went for an epic walk, today I cant move, which is a good thing as I will go in the cabin and get on with drawing.

I have been exceptionally busy as I have produce a calendar and Christmas cards and have been spending a lot of time visiting the post office to send things out. I have also had a few commissions to complete which I am working hard on.

After Christmas I am going to branch out a bit and do some landscapes and experiment with different materials. So watch this space!

I hope you are all well and surviving covid. At least we should be able to see a few people at Christmas. Unfortunately I have a big family so it is going to be difficult. Think we'll have to zoom.

Happy covid free Christmas. The photo was taken yesterday by the river Adur. 😍😍

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