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If you would like to commission a portrait, either of a favourite pet or maybe a family member, then you will need to contact me either by messaging me on this website, or on my Facebook or Instagram sites (see the Facebook and Instagram links on the menu to take you directly to my sites).


Please email me some photos (see Stage 1 below) and your requirements (see Stage 2 and 3 below).


Stage 1- Photos

The first stage of a commission is to choose the photos that you wish me to draw from. This is the most important part of the whole commission.

Photo guide

How do you pick or take your photos?

I require a photograph where you can clearly see the eyes and detail of the fur. It is important that the face is not obscured in any way. The better the quality of the photos the better the portrait will be!                                                         

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-27 at 13.55_edited.jpg
Good photo
Bad photo

Stage 2 - Size of the commission

Please see below my sizes and price list where you can choose the size you would like your commission to be.


Prices are based on head and shoulder portraits - please ask if you have something else in mind.

Sizes are based on paper size - in inches

chris 2021.JPG
Capture chris 2021.JPG
Capture landscapes 2022.JPG

Payment for commissions

Stage 3 - Terms and conditions

Once we have agreed the details I suggest you read my terms and conditions and shipping and returns information. I will require a deposit of £50 to be paid for commissioned work before the work can commence.

If you would like to commission an original artwork please contact me on either my:

mobile - 07538181460

email -

or either facebook or instagram message

(see the links to the right)

This is also where payment will be discussed. Thank you

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